The stories behind the Nobel Peace Prize 2020

What is the relationship between food and war? The Nobel Peace Prize Exhibition explores ten countries and conflicts where food has been used as a weapon. See the photos and read the stories behind them.

Ill: Vivi Holtfodt / Nobel Peace Center

The Nobel Peace Prize 2020 to the World Food Programme highlighted the role of food in war and conflict. With this year’s Nobel Peace Prize exhibition, the Nobel Peace Center sought to highlight how food was used as a weapon. The internationally acclaimed photo artist Aïda Muluneh was commissioned to make a photo series of ten images illustrating ten different countries and conflicts where food has been used as a tool of power. Throughtout 2021 we will publish exciting background stories and facts related to the ten countries featured in the photo series. Click on the country to read and learn more:

Photo: Asle Olsen / Nobel Peace Center
Photo: Moustafa Cheaiteli


This year's Nobel Peace Prize photographer is the acclaimed photo artist Aïda Muluneh. She was born in Ethiopia, grew up in Yeman, moved to Canada and started her carreer as photo journalist in Washington Post. Her works have been featured at MOMA in New York, Smithsonian's in Washington, in South Africa, Mali, France, China and Norway. The photo series for the Nobel Peace Prize Exhbition 2020 was shot in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, where she lives and works.

Behind the scenes of the creation of the Nobel Peace Prize Exhibition 2020. Photographer: Aurelie Jocelyne Toh Grah.

Aïda Muluneh's photo series "Road of Glory" is available onine on, and will be shown at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo when the center re-opens to the public after lockdown. It will be available until November 2021.

The exhibition is supported by Yara International (Nobel Peace Prize Celebration Partner 2020), Canon (print partner) and Bergesenstiftelsen.