ExhibitionApr 5, 2019-Nov 21, 2019


Picture from exhibition. Trees and bushes with colorful lights.
The Nest: Jan Hakon Erichsen, Robert Johansson / Photo: Njaal Frilseth / Nobel Peace Center

An Exhibition about the Climate, Nature and People.

On the 5thApril we at the Nobel Peace Center opened our new Exhibition KlimaLab, a vibrant exhibition about the climate, nature and people. It is an interactive experience for children and adults consisting of art installations you can touch, feel and even eat.

Klimalab is open to the public, but it is not completed. We want you to help us complete the exhibition, because climate change concerns us all and it is up to our generation to find a solution together.

This Exhibition was made possible by Fritt ord and Hyundai Norway.

"Climate change is one of the largest challenges of our time. In many places in the world we see how environmental disaster and climate change lead to human suffering and contribute to the strengthening of differences, unrest and conflict. With the KlimaLab exhibition we hope to get the audience involved in the climate cause and give them the belief that they can contribute to the solution, says Liv Tørres, Executive Director of the Nobel Peace Center. "
Liv Tørres, Director Nobel Peace Center

Read more about the installations:


To stop climate change, we all have to make changes in our own lives. We challenge you to become a KlimaBoss at home -Can you manage 30 days without meat? Can you plan your holiday without flying or maybe shop a bit smarter?

The exhibition is inspired by the father of the Nobel Peace Prize, Alfred Nobel, and his idea of “acting for the greatest benefit to humankind”, as well as Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Wangari Maathai, Al Gore and the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, who all received the Prize for their work to combat climate change. KlimaLab is open until January 2020. It is curated and produced by the Nobel Peace Center and is a part of the programme for Oslo European Green Capital 2019.

Photo: Øystein Thorvaldsen
Photo: Njaal Frilseth / Nobel Peace Center
Photo: Øystein Thorvaldsen
Photo: Njaal Frilseth / Nobel Peace Center
Photo: Øystein Thorvaldsen

A place for us? (the Forest): Trond Solberg
The Nest: Jan Hakon Erichsen, Robert Johansson
The Mural: Renate Thor
Lighting: Kyrre Heldal Karlsen