Photography and activism in Iran

Photo: Reihane Taravati

Sold out! Nobel Peace Talks: Meet Reihane Taravati, the photographer behind the official portraits of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Narges Mohammadi, and Javad Parsa, Norwegian-Iranian photographer, and winner of the Norwegian Photo of the Year Award 2022.

Time: 31 Jan 2024 16:00 - 17:00 CEST
Place: The Nobel Peace Center

The first part of the event with Reihane Taravati will be in English. The second part with Javad Parsa will be in Norwegian.

Showing treatment for eye injury on iranian who was shot in the eye
Photo: Javad Parsa

How is it to work as a photographer in Iran, one of the worst countries for press freedom in the world? Is photographing activists also a form of activism? And how can you continue to tell stories about your home country from exile? With their different backgrounds and perspectives, ReihaneTaravati and Javad Parsa will tell their stories at the Nobel Peace Center on Wednesday 31 January, as part of the event series Nobel Peace Talks, related to the Nobel Peace Prize 2023 to Narges Mohammadi.

After the conversation, at 18:00, a small exhibition with Javad Parsa’s photos of exiled Iranians will be opening at the Nobel Peace Center’s Pop-UpStudio. During the demonstrations in 2022, hundreds of Iranians were shot in the eye. Parsa has photographed ten Iranians who are living in Italy, Germany and Turkey and who are being treated for eye injuries.

The Nobel Peace Prize Exhibition, where Taravati’s portrait of Narges Mohammadi is showing, will also be open until 19:00.

About Reihane Taravati:

In April 2022, the Iranian fashion photographer and activist, photographed Narges Mohammadi in her home, and one of the photos became the official Nobel Peace Prize portrait and part of the Nobel Peace Prize exhibition 2023. ReihaneTaravatihas been sentenced to six years in prison for women’s rights activism in Iran and is now living in exile in Paris.

About Javad Parsa:

Norwegian-Iranian photographer and winner of the Norwegian Photo of the Year Award in 2022. He fled Iran after the uprising in 2009, where he was among the only Iranian photographers to cover the demonstrations against the regime. Now, he lives in Norway where he works as a staff photographer in the Norwegian news agency NTB. Recently, he photographed exiled Iranians. Recently, he photographed exiled Iranians across the world for his own project “I’m Now”.

Narges Mohammadi portrait, the peace prize laureate of 2023

The event is a part of the Nobel Peace Center’s event series Nobel Peace Talks, with topics related to the Nobel Peace Prize 2023 to Narges Mohammadi.

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