ExhibitionDec 12, 2023-Nov 24, 2024


Photo: Johannes Granseth / Nobel Peace Center

The Nobel Peace Prize Exhibition is a captivating encounter with Narges Mohammadi and the women fighting for freedom and human rights in Iran.

"Zan – Zendegi – Azadi. Woman – life – freedom." This is how Berit Reiss-Andersen, Head of the Nobel Committee, opened the announcement of the Nobel Peace Prize 2023, using the slogan of the demonstrators who have been fighting for women's rights in the streets of Iran since September last year. A few hours later, the same refrain could be heard behind the walls of Evin prison in Tehran, where the laureate Narges Mohammadi and the other inmates in the women's section celebrated the award.

The Peace Prize Exhibition, which is also named after this slogan, tells the story of Narges Mohammadi through her own words and images. From her prison cell in Iran, the Nobel laureate has written texts exclusively for the exhibition. In ten letters to the audience, she narrates important events in her life. The images from Narges Mohammadi's life are borrowed from her family.

The exhibition also showcases photo projects by six female Iranian photographers who have documented women's struggle for life and freedom in Iran from 1979 to the present.

The portrait of Narges Mohammadi displayed at the entrance to the exhibition was taken just a few days before she was imprisoned again in April 2022. She wears colorful clothes and smiles optimistically. "I am a woman who loves life," she says.

The Nobel Peace Prize Exhibition 2023 was officially opened by the laureate's husband and children on Monday, December 11 2023. It opened to the public on December 12 2023.

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