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Illustration of Narges Mohammadi
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The Nobel Peace Center collaborates with the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK on free educational programs about this year's Nobel Peace Prize laureate for students all over the world.

On Friday 6 October, it was announced that the Nobel Peace Prize for 2023 is awarded to human rights activist Narges Mohammadi from Iran. Already when the school bells rang on Monday morning, a brand-new teaching program about this year's peace prize was ready for use in classrooms across the world. Every year, the Nobel Peace Center creates digital lessonsin Norwegian and English to support teachers who want to educate their students about the new prize. New this year is that the Nobel Peace Center is collaborating with NRK Skole and NRK Super on the teaching programme.

a popular prize winner

"Thanks to the good cooperation between our pedagogues and NRK, we can offer both professional video content and a teaching plan adapted to different grade levels already on the first day of school after the peace prize has been announced," says Bendik Egge, Education Director at the Nobel Peace Center.

Students in the classroom engaged in the lesson
Photo: Mette Bruaas / Nobel Peace Center

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Narges Mohammadi is a human rights activist and one of the leading figures behind the "Woman, Life, Freedom" movement in Iran. She is already a popular peace prize laureate and the school programs have been downloaded by almost 500 users on the Nobel Peace Centre's education website within the first 24 hours. This means that up to 10,000 pupils have already learned about the new laureate.

"The demonstrations in Iran arouse great interest all over the world. Our goal is to make this year’s peace prize understandable and relevant to students all over the world, and we hope and believe that this will lead to many hundreds of thousands of students both learning about and getting involved in Narges Mohammadi and her work," says Egge.



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