ExhibitionDec 2, 2023-Jan 1, 2029

The Will to Change the World

A woman presses a button on the exhibitions the wall and it lights up.
Photo: Kim Reksten Grønneberg / Nobel Peace Center

An inspiring, new exhibition about Alfred Nobel and the history of the Peace Prize shows the power represented by “the world's most prestigious prize”.

How can a person's thoughts and actions change the world? What does it take to create peace? The history of the Nobel Peace Prize provides many different answers to these questions. Since 1901, this annual award has highlighted individuals and organizations that have helped to create a better and more peaceful world. An exhibition that opens at the Nobel Peace Center this spring allows the public to get to know the Nobel Peace Prize a little better, as well as the man who created it and the force for change it represents.

"If I have a thousand ideas a year, and only one turns out to be good, I am satisfied. "
Alfred Nobel

The exhibition "The will to change the world" opened to the public on 17 March and can be visited on the ground floor of the Nobel Peace Center. In a playful and inspiring way, it tells the story of Alfred Nobel and shows how the Peace Prize has evolved over time. From peace negotiations and relief work to nuclear disarmament, climate change mitigation and international cooperation, the history of the award reveals many different solutions to the world's most crucial and difficult challenges. Visitors to the exhibition can also test themselves to find out what type of peace-maker they are, and which Peace Prize laureates they most resemble.

Person in the exhibition testing which Peace Prize laureate they most resemble.
Photo: Kim Reksten Grønneberg / Nobel Peace Center

"The will to change the world" is developed by Sixsides for the Nobel Peace Center and created with support from The Savings Bank Foundation DNB.

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