ExhibitionDec 2, 2023-Jan 1, 2029

An exhibition about dialogue and peace

Photo: Christian Tunge / Nobel Peace Center

NEW EXHIBITION AT THE NOBEL PEACE CENTER: Discover how Nobel Peace Prize laureates have used dialogue to change the world and get valuable tips for your own conversations along the way.

Many Nobel Peace Prize laureates have achieved the nearly impossible. In seemingly unresolvable conflicts, they have found peaceful solutions. Dialogue and the ability to listen to others' opinions have been crucial to making it happen. In the exhibition 'An exhibition about peace and dialogue,' visitors can explore how Nobel Peace Prize laureates use dialogue to resolve conflicts through videos, quotes, and listening stories.

"The idea that one people have a monopoly on the truth, that there is one answer to all the world's problems or one solution to human needs, has caused unspeakable harm throughout history, especially in the last century."

- Kofi Annan, Nobel Peace Prize 2001

The exhibition is based on the small dialogue book 'Those Who Listen, Change the World,' published by the Nobel Peace Center in 2021, and is structured around the Peace Center's eight principles for good dialogue. In the exhibition, visitors are given space to contemplate how they can apply the principles of dialogue in their own lives, and they can take home practical advice and checklists for their kitchen table or workplace.

With the underlying idea that people can find entirely new solutions through conversation, the exhibition is constructed as a universe of colorful triangles. The triangles create new forms as visitors move through the rooms. Before leaving the exhibition, visitors can jot down their own reflections on what they want to talk more about. The notes can be hung up in mobiles. The mobiles stabilize and destabilize in the exhibition as new thoughts and reflections are added to the conversation.

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