ExhibitionMay 31, 2022-Jun 15, 2022

On The Morning You Wake

Graphic visualized photo of woman seeing a virtual nuclear bomb going off in front of her while studying.
Photo: 38 Minutes Ltd

June only: a groundbreaking and award-winning VR experience on the nuclear threat.

To take part in this experience you need to book your time slot here. The experience is available from 31 May to 15 June. Age limit: 15 y/o.
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Until recently, the nuclear threat was out of sight and unthinkable. Russia's invasion of Ukraine and statements by Vladimir Putin have suddenly raised awareness about an issue many thought belonged to the Cold War era. Nuclear weapons create fear and mistrust. They can paralyze us with anxiety and prevent us from taking action. Moreover, when discussions are mostly about strategy or technology, it gets even harder to take a stand. How much do we need to know to get a grasp of today's nuclear threat? When nuclear weapons can have consequences for absolutely everyone, shouldn’t we be able to participate and decide what will happen to them?

By hosting On the Morning You Wake, the Nobel Peace Center wants to provide space for a necessary discussion on the disarmament of nuclear weapons, as well as give visitors tools to get involved.

Emotional storytelling and innovative technology

On the Morning You Wake captures the voices of the people who experienced the threat of nuclear weapons firsthand. Equipped with an Oculus VR headset, the visitor is immersed in a 360° cinematic experience for 15 minutes. Each character in the experience wasfilmed at one of the world’s leading volumetric capture studios, using 140 cameras to capture near-perfect three-dimensional moving images. The result ensures the emotional immersion of each scene, transporting us to Hawaii back in January 2018. On the Morning You Wake won the jury award for best XR experience during SXSW in March this year and is made by award-winning producers Archer's Mark and Atlas V. See for yourself:

Based on real events 

On a regular Saturday morning in January 2018, as Hawaiian citizens went about their daily routines, the entire state population received an SMS from the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, which read:

Screenshot of text message from the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, which read: Ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill.

As cellular communication networks collapsed, 1.4million people (as well as their friends and relatives across the globe) suddenly confronted a real and urgent nuclear threat.

By the time the authorities finally managed to retract the incorrect warning message some 38 minutes later, it was too late to pretend that normality would simply resume. In less than an hour, their extraordinary collective experience breathed new life into the discussion around nuclear weapons.

"The alert was false, but the nuclear threat is real...[it] is not a scenario, not a video game...we experienced it personally, felt the terror. Although nothing happened that day, everything changed."
Cynthia Lazaroff, Kauai resident

Nuclear weapons and the Nobel Peace Prize

Starting as early as 1959, the Norwegian Nobel Committee has regularly rewarded efforts to rid the world of nuclear weapons. With 10 relevant Nobel Peace Prizes, nuclear disarmament has long been an important part of the history of the Nobel Peace Prize.

The installation surrounding On the Morning You Wake acknowledges the tremendous efforts of Nobel laureates who came before us and supports the ongoing work of ICAN (the International Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons), Nobel Peace laureate for 2017.

By joining forces, On the Morning You Wake and the Nobel Peace Center intend to inspire people to imagine a safer future without nuclear weapons.

Practical Information

  • On display: May 30th – June 15th 
  • Opening hours: 11:00–17:00 every day
  • Please note that the installation can only accommodate 16 people at a time. Therefore, we highly recommend to book ahead of your visit here.
  • On the Morning You Wake, Chapter 1: Take Cover: 15 minutes
  • Recommended visit duration: 30 minutes
  • Age: 15+
  • The Quest 2 headset is only for use by those 13 years and older

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