ExhibitionApr 4, 2024-Apr 25, 2024


Display of an art installation where teenagers draw thoughts about freedom: What does freedom mean to me?

Free entry

Freedom in Free Sketch is a collaborative project between the organization Kunst i Skolen (Art in Schools) and artist Mona Brekke.

In autumn 2023, school youths from the Oslo area participated in drawing workshops at Galleri Seilet under the theme of freedom. They first familiarized themselves with the artworks Odyssey by Ai Weiwei and Tracing Freedom by Tom Hatlestad, both addressing questions of freedom, democracy, and human rights. Then they were asked the questions:

What is freedom in a society? What does freedom mean to you in your life?
How can you draw what freedom means to you?

This exhibition displays a selection of the boxes created in a collective installation - where each individual's drawing and expression becomes part of a larger, cohesive picture.

The project can provide interesting, parallel perspectives on freedom in a society: One can express oneself, with one's own drawing, words, and thoughts - while also participating in community and cooperation, intertwined in a larger whole. Therefore, the concept of responsibility, for oneself and others, becomes important to consider in working with the theme.

The project is supported by Fritt Ord (Free Word).