The Modern-Day Nuclear Threat and How to Respond


During this conference, we will consider the challenges and threat of nuclear weapons from a broad perspective while also discussing solutions. Russia's invasion of Ukraine makes the topic of this conference, unfortunately, even more relevant than ever.

Time: Jun 8, 2022 13:00 - 17:00
Place: Nobel Peace Center

You will be able to learn from representatives from three organizations that have received the Nobel Peace Prize, alongside international figures in the field. Beatrice Fihn (ICAN), Dr. Tamara Patton (MIT), Dr. Kjølv Egeland (Sciences Po, CERI) and many more.

The program will also give you the opportunity to experience an award-winning VR film and participate in discussions with experts in the field. The conference concludes by marking the 25th anniversary of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. NORSAR will explain how Norway monitors compliance with this important agreement, and invite all guests to a reception after the conference.

The full conference program will be shared soon.


Conference Framework

The conference is curated around the international nuclear disarmament movement, which raises awareness of the social and humanitarian consequences of the threat of nuclear weapons. The program is inspired by On the Morning You Wake (to the End of the World), a groundbreaking virtual reality documentary. The experience combines innovative technology and emotional storytelling, and provides a unique insight into the way the existence of nuclear weapons poses an imminent risk to people everywhere, regardless of whether or not they are used. The documentary will be available for public museum screenings in June this year at the Nobel Peace Center.