Songs that Changed the World: Vreid

Music can change the world! Some songs have done more than just entertain – they have changed the world. Together with Nobel Peace Center we invite you to the ongoing series about songs that have changed the world. This time, Nobel goes metal!

Time: Apr 7, 2020 18:00 - 21:00
Place: Nobel Peace Center

So far, artists like Bendik, Myra, Amanda Delara og Honningbarna have contributed with their interpretation of important songs that have changed the world. Now the Nobel Peace Center goes metal when Vreid will find a song about freedom of expression and do their interpretation of it. Asbjørn Slettemark, famous Norwegian music journalist and TV personality, will moderate the following debate about the chosen song. The gig will also include several of Vreid's own songs.

Jarle Hváll Kvåle from Vreid:

In Vreid we have always been up for new challenges. It was therefor with huge excitement we took on this task when Inferno Metal Festival and Nobel Peace Center challenges us to do our interpretation of a song that changed the world. Freedom of speech has been relevant since the very beginning of rock, and is just as relevant and important today. A lot has changed since rock 'n' roll was new and rebellious in the 60s, but still today the freedom of speech are controversial and debated. So maybe the world has been in a stand still the last 60 years. We thanks for the engagement. Vreid looks forward to dig deep into the rock history for many fantastic songs, and will be ready to perform our song at the Nobel Peace Center in April.

Asbjørn Slettemark:

All the way since the very beginning of “Songs That Changed the World”, the project has offered surprises, fun, new knowledge and some amazing, strong and catchy cover songs. To do this together with Inferno Metal Festival, a festival I have been thrilled about for many years, feels just right. That it will also include Vreid, a band I have been following as a fan and a journalist through the last 15 years, makes it especially fun and interesting. I am very exited for the song they will choose, perform and talk about.

Toril Rokseth from Nobel Peace Center:

Nobel Peace Center wants to contribute to visitors of Oslo that attends cultural events also can experience some of the other things that the city has to offer. Through the cooperation with Inferno Metal Festival we offer a new arena for this kind of music – and at the same time we express that music can be more than just entertainment – music can change the world.

This event is in cooperation with Inferno Metal Festival. The music-series Låta is supported by Hyundai Norway.


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