Songs that changed the world: ARY

Portrait of Ary
ARY. Photo: Ida Bjørvik

SOLD OUT! The City of Oslo, in cooperation with The Nobel Peace Center and The Norwegian Embassy, invite you to a music event in Covent Garden where you will learn about this year’s Nobel Peace Prize in a unique way.

Time: 30 Nov 2022 19:30 - 20:30 GMT
Place: St Paul’s Church Covent Garden, Bedford Street

Doors open at 6:45 PM, programme starts at 7:30 PM (local time).

The event will take place on the eve of the annual lighting of The Trafalgar Square Christmas tree. The tree is given by The City of Oslo as a token of Norwegian gratitude to the people of London for their assistance during World War II. Alfred Nobel highlighted “fraternity between nations” in his will as central to the Nobel Peace Prize. The tree is an example of such fraternity.

Photo of Asbjørn Slettemark at Songs that changed the world
Asbjørn Slettemark. Photo: Marius Hauge

Norwegian artist, songwriter and producer, Ary has captivated music lovers with her electronic pop beats and spectacular voice. Join her for an engaging discussion with music journalist Asbjørn Slettemark and Kim Reksten Grønneberg from The Nobel Peace Center about how music can contribute to positive change.

After the talk, Ary will perform a cover version of a song that, in her mind, has “changed the world” for the better – in addition to a few of her own songs.

The event is free of charge and for anyone interested in the topic for this year’s Peace Prize and how music can contribute to positive change.

This year, the prize was awarded to human rights advocate Ales Bialiatski from Belarus, the Russian human rights organisation Memorial and the Ukrainian human rights organisation Center for Civil Liberties.

With the war in Ukraine – fraternity between nations and solidarity is high on the agenda.

The Peace Prize laureates represent civil society in their home countries. They have for many years promoted the right to criticise power and protect the fundamental rights of citizens. They have made an outstanding effort to document war crimes, human right abuses and the abuse of power. Together they demonstrate the significance of civil society for peace and democracy.

About the artist

ARY first made her mark back in 2015, when her electronic pop beats and spectacular voice captivated music lovers – first in Norway, then abroad, leading to streams in the millions and appearances at festivals like Glastonbury, Roskilde and Pitchfork.

After retreating from the spotlight to work on her own sound and learn the ropes of music production, ARY is now back at it with her self-produced debut album For Evig, released to rave reviews.