How can better dialogue change you?

Photo of Deeyah Kahn and Finn Skårderud

SOLD OUT! Film screening and conversation with Deeyah Khan and Finn Skårderud.

Time: 19 Nov 2022 13:00 - 15:30
Place: Colosseum Cinema
Photo of Deeyah Khan
Deeyah Khan

The Emmy-award winning documentary film maker Deeyah Khan and the Nobel Peace Center invite you to a very special event with a screening and talks about the award-winning film "White Right: Meeting the enemy". To Oslo, Deeyah brings with her Jeff Schoep, once America’s most notorious neo-Nazi, now a consultant for the Simon Wiesenthal Center and an inspirational speaker for Conscious Campus. Jeff chose to break out and cut his white power-ties as results of the film, and is a living proof that dialogue can contribute to change. Arno Michaelis – a former reverend of self-declared Racial Holy War, and lead singer of the race-metal band Centurion will also take part and share his experiences and his work with Serve2Unite.

Portrait of Finn Skårderud
Finn Skårderud

Finn Skårderud is a professor, author and one of Norway's most distinguished psychiatrists. Together with the Nobel Peace Center's dialogue expert Chro Borhan and moderator Henrik Syse, we will discuss the following topics this day:

  • How can adopting dialogue as a basic attitude change you?
  • What do you do when you end up at odds with friends and family?
  • Why should you engage in dialogue with someone you completely disagree with? What can it give you?
  • The social debate in the USA compared to Norway: Similarities and differences - and what should we watch out for in Norway?
  • How do we avoid polarization of societies with extreme environments on the far left and right?
Jeff Schoep and Deeyah Khan, screenshot from movie
Screenshot from movie: Jeff Schoep and Deeyah Khan
Portrait of Arno Michaelis
Arno Michaelis

The event will take place alternately in Norwegian and English. The film is shown with English subtitles and there are unnumbered seats on this day, so arrive early to secure your favorite seat.

Deeyah Khan has garnered countless accolades and awards for her work as a filmmaker and human rights activist. She recently released her new film “Behind the rage” about domestic violence in the US. Deeyah has a Norwegian-Pakistani family background and grew up as Deepika Thathaal and broke through as a musician and singer at a young age. In 1997, she left Norway and settled in London, after harassment from conservative Norwegian Muslims. Alongside her work with the documentary films, she has made a great effort for persecuted female artists, young Muslim women's artistic activity and opportunities for expression, and founded several organizations that work on this.

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About the movie

In the documentary White Right: Meeting the Enemy, Deeyah travels to the United States to meet with some of the country's most prominent neo-Nazi and white supremacist leaders to try to understand the personal and political reasons behind the apparent resurgence of right-wing extremism in America. She made the film after being interviewed on TV about multiculturalism which resulted in many threats and hate speech on social media.

Screenshot from the movie White right: meeting the enemy
Screenshot from the movie "White right: Meeting the Enemy"

Carol Midgley in The Times, wrote of the film: “Part investigative journalist, part almost psychotherapist, Khan uses hard and soft skills to discover what drives such hatred and forces people to face her, their so-called enemy: it gets under their skin and yields results.”

The event is part of the Nobel Peace Center's commitment to dialogue through the series "Those who listen, change the world". Read more and find inspiration for an everyday life with better dialogue here: www.nobelpeacecenter.org/dialogue.

Programme from 14:00

Welcome to Kjersti Fløgstad, director of the Nobel Peace Center

Film screening of "White Right: Meeting the Enemy" (duration approx. 1 hour)

Conversation with Deeyah Khan, Jeff Schoep and Arno Michaelis.

Conversation with Deeyah Khan, Finn Skårderud and Chro Borhan


Guests on this day also get a special offer on our book, "Those who listen, change the world", with 8 tips for good dialogue, including from peace prize laureates such as Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama. The conversations will be videotaped and published after the event.


• Entrance ticket: NOK 180

• Student: NOK 90