Liv Tørres resigns as Executive Director - takes up new position as Director of Pathfinder in New York

Photo: Johannes Granseth / Nobel Peace Center 

PublishedOct 1, 2019
AuthorAslak Sletten


Liv Tørres will resign as Executive Director at the Nobel Peace Center the end of the year. Tørres has been appointed as Director of Pathfinders for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies, the multi-stakeholder partnership for accelerating action on the SDG targets for peace, justice and inclusion at the Centre of International Cooperation, at the University of New York. She takes up her new position January 1st, 2020. Liv Tørres has been Director at the Nobel Peace Center since 2016.

- Liv Tørres has played a critical role in the development and success of the Nobel Peace Center the last four years. We wish her all the best as she leaves to pursue new opportunities. I want to thank her for her dedicated service, energetic leadership and several significant accomplishments, says Olav Njølstad, Chair of the Board at the Nobel Peace Center.

Liv Tørres started at the Nobel Peace Center January 2016. During her term as Director the Nobel Peace Center has seen high numbers of visitors. Several grand events, conferences and exhibitions have received national and international acclaim. With this and achievements such as the Oslo Pax peace conference 2019, the Nobel Peace Prize exhibition in Bogotà Colombia 2017, the unveiling of the peace bench in front of the UN in 2019, as well as the upcoming Peace Prize exhibition in Addis Ababa Ethiopia the Nobel Peace Center has been positioned as an important voice for peacebuilding.

- I want to thank the Nobel Peace Center for four fantastic years. I particularly want to thank the great staff for their dedication, passion and enthusiasm. I will miss them. At the same time, NYU is offering me a chance to help shape policy and debates in areas of critical importance to world development. I cannot let this opportunity go, says Liv Tørres.

- Liv Tørres will hold her position at the Nobel Peace Center until the end of the year. The process to recruit the new Executive Director has already started, says Olav Njølstad.

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Foto: Erik M. Sundt / Nobels Fredssenter Photo: Erik M. Sundt / Nobel Peace Center

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