Finbarr O'Reilly is this years' Nobel Peace Prize photographer

Photo: Ingvill Bryn Rambøl / Nobel Peace Center 

The award-winning photographer Finbarr O’Reilly is this years’ Nobel Peace Prize photographer. In cooperation with the Nobel Peace Center, he will make the exhibition about Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

PublishedOct 17, 2019
AuthorIngvill Bryn Rambøl


Friday 11 October at 11 am it was announced that the Nobel Peace Prize for 2019 will be awarded to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. At the same time, the Nobel Peace Center started its work with the Nobel Peace Prize exhibition 2019. Every year, a new, internationally renowned photographer is behind the photos in the exhibition. This year, the Nobel Peace Center has chosen the British-Canadian photographer Finbarr O’Reilly. He will be travelling to Ethiopia shortly to meet the Nobel Peace Prize laureate and create a portrait of him and the country he is leading.

"I've lived and worked across Africa for the past twenty years, often covering long-running conflicts, political instability, and unrest. It's an honor to now collaborate with the Nobel Peace Center to create an exhibition reflecting an historical moment of optimism and hope for Ethiopia, and for the region more broadly”, said Finbarr O’Reilly. 

Finbarr O’Reilly is an independent photographer and journalist, based in Dublin, Ireland. He lived for twelve years in West and Central Africa as Reuters correspondent, and has spent two decades covering conflicts in Africa and the Middle East. He is the author of the nonfiction memoir, Shooting Ghosts, about war photography. He is also profiled in the documentary Under Fire: Journalists in Combat, a documentary film about the psychological costs of covering war. O’Reilly’s photography and multimedia work has earned numerous industry honours, including First Place in the Portraits category at the 2019 World Press Photo Awards and World Press Photo of the Year in 2005.

“This years’ Peace Prize photographer has a unique experience in covering war and conflict on the African continent. He is the right person to put the Nobel Peace Prize into a larger context and tell the story about this young Prime Minister who has achieved so much in such a short time", said Executive Director Liv Tørres. 

The Nobel Peace Prize exhibition 2019 will by officially opened by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed 11 December and will open to the public 12 December at 12:00. 

Photo: Giles Duley
Photo: Ingvill Bryn Rambøl / Nobel Peace Center

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