Transit - Nobel Peace Center

Nobel Peace Center

Photo: Sara Johannessen / Nobel Peace Center


12 May 2011–22 Jan 2012

Transit, a photo exhibition about the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Fridtjof Nansen and refugees of today- It tells the story of Nansen’s efforts to help prisoners of war, victims of famine and refugees in the early part of the last century. Through the award-winning Norwegian photographer Espen Rasmussen’s work, visitors will gain insight into the everyday life of today’s refugees, almost a hundred years after Nansen received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Today more than 43 million people are displaced. Using photography, film essays and interviews, Espen Rasmussen creates an intimate and thought-provoking portrait of the people behind the statistics. In encounters with refugees in Afghanistan, Chad, Colombia, DR Congo, Georgia, Yemen, Norway, Serbia and Syria visitors can experience the ups and downs of refugees’ everyday lives.

Nansen was a pioneer of humanitarian work and became the first High Commissioner for Refugees. He travelled and met the people he wanted to help face-to-face, photographing and documenting the hardships he saw. His campaigns to collect money and financial support were extraordinarily modern. Transit allows visitors to get better acquainted with humanist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Nansen and to see his photographs. The similarity between many of Nansen’s and Rasmussen’s photographs is striking.

One of our contractors to the exhibition, Back, have made this video: