1964 Martin Luther King, Jr. - Nobel Peace Center

Nobel Peace Center


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1964 Martin Luther King, Jr.

24 Sept 2014–27 Sept 2015

In 2014 it is 50 years since Martin Luther King, Jr. – one of history’s greatest icons of non-violent activism – was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Since 1964, all the documents relating to the award – nominations, notes and reports – have been classified as secret, and kept under lock and key in the Norwegian Nobel Committee’s extensive archive, until now.

For the first time we now have access to all this material and the documents reveal who nominated Dr King, how the Nobel Committee considered him and who were his keenest rivals for the prize. This exhibition also tells the story of what happened when Martin Luther King, Jr. came to Oslo to accept the Nobel Peace Prize.

Watch the interview made by Erik Bye with Dr King on the occation of him receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo. (Video: NRK Skole)

Watch the film from Martin Luther King, Jr Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech (Video: Nobel Prize.org / Norsk Rikskringkasting AS 2012):

The exhibition is supported by the US Embassy to Norway.