Nobel Peace Center


  1. Photo: Illustration: Qvisten Animation
  2. Photo: Johannes Granseth / Nobel Peace Center
  3. Photo: Tore Meek / Nobel Peace Center


Fred and Toca Loca live at the Nobel Peace Center and they want to make sure all children enjoy their visit. That’s why they created fun activities, suitable for kids from the age of five years and up.

Activity trail: Fred & Toca loca speak out

Lately, Fred and Toca Loca have been very preoccupied by one matter: children’s voices must be heard! Interviewed by the “newspaper” Nobel News, they claim that children’s opinions matter. They invite you to come to the Nobel Peace Center to practise different ways of speaking up.

It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete the trail, and this activity is available in both English and Norwegian. Fred & Toca Loca speak out is supported by Sparebankstiftelsen DNB and Fritt Ord.

Activity booklet: explore the nobel peace center with fred & toca loca

Pick a copy of our activity booklet Explore the Nobel Peace Center with Fred & Toca Loca at the reception desk. It will guide you through the red shop, the golden tunnel and a very special room filled with lights, with fun tasks for you to solve while visiting the museum.

Remember that you can visit the Nobel Peace Center for free if you are under 16 years old.