Triptych of Hope - Nobel Peace Center

Nobel Peace Center


Triptych of Hope

11 June 2005–20 Feb 2006

The three-part installation Triptych of Hope was the work of the Norwegian artist network Talking Piece.

Since the installation was largely financed by “Norway 2005”, it focused on the dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden. In addition, it contained Peace Prize related conflicts such as Guatemala, Burma, Tibet and South Africa.

In the first chamber prejudices, aversion and hate were presented through quotations borrowed from international politics, women’s liberation and religious struggle.

In the second chamber the struggle for equal rights was illuminated from various perspectives to illustrate that no two conflicts are alike, and that there are many, often lengthy, paths to a peaceful solution.

In the third chamber flag-bedecked butterflies fluttered, absorbing colours and symbols from one another in an interaction signifying the value of dialogue and cultural exchange. The visitor was thus drawn from an ambience of hopelessness, via increased understanding of the dynamics of conflict, towards hope and optimism.

Talking Peace consists of Sondre Abel, Sven A. Skjæret, Christian Ebbesen, Jørn O. Jøntvedt, Ståle Larsen, Ole Henrik Moe, Sondre Sommerfeldt and Marius Watz.