The Wall - Nobel Peace Center

Nobel Peace Center


  1. Photo: Pål Vigeland
  2. Photo: Kirsti Svenning / Nobel Peace Center
  3. Photo: Kirsti Svenning / Nobel Peace Center
  4. Photo: Kirsti Svenning / Nobel Peace Center

The Wall

15 Oct 2007–31 May 2008

The sculpture The Wall (2006) was made by artist Pål Vigeland. It was a copy of an element from the wall erected in Israel against the Palestinian areas on the West Bank. It was 6,25 meter tall and 1,5 meter wide.

Vigeland was in 2006 awarded Høstutstillingsprisen for this artwork. The artist wants to demonstrate how large and threatening the real wall is.

The Wall was placed outside the Nobel Peace Center in connection with the comprehensive exhibition Freedom of Expression – How Free is Free?

This artwork was shown together with a photo montage called Expressions by the Wall made by Silje Hirsch, Ane-Marthe Benterud Olsen and Maren Krilitzky. The photo montage starts by presenting a map showing where the wall has been erected, partially inside the territory which in 1967 was defined as Palestinian. The images show how the wall was erected and how it appears in different named places, both inside and outside densely populated areas. The photos also show how the wall affects the lives of Palestinians on the West Bank.