The Waiting Room - Nobel Peace Center

Nobel Peace Center

The Waiting Room

26 May 2009–18 Sept 2009

Photographer Linda Bournane Engelberth showed the waiting period, boredom and silence of people with a painful past and an uncertain future.

The Waiting Room told stories of people affected by the Dublin II Convention, which returns asylum seekers to the country in the convention area they first arrived in. We saw many who returned to primitive conditions in a makeshift refugee camp in the seaport of Patra, Greece.

Life at an asylum centre is stagnant, there is virtually nothing happening. Having worked on this project for a long time, I understand the mental stress of having to stay a long period as an asylum seeker in such a place.


– Photographer Linda Bournane Engelberth.

Engelberth has visited four asylum centres in Norway: the centres in Asker and Hamar, the Heimly centre in Finnsnes (HERO) and the one in Trondheim (HERO).

Exhibition design: Marte Moen Danielsen