The Scouts Quilt - Nobel Peace Center

Nobel Peace Center


  1. Photo: Visit Oslo
  2. Photo: KFUK / KFUM
  3. Photo: KFUK / KFUM

The Scouts Quilt

14 Sept 2007–07 Dec 2008

A beautiful quilt in bright colours made by scouts from all over Norway was on show at the Nobel Peace Center. 

5000 scouts from around the country have made the quilt. In groups of 5-10 they produced 600 patches that convey their wishes for the future. Many of them were about peace. The quilt is assembled by scout leader Mette Olsen.

“This quilt demonstrates beautifully that peace is something we all create together, Bente Erichsen, Executive Director of the Nobel Peace Center”, said at the opening.

The quilt was first shown at the Baden-Powell History Museum (the international scouting museum) in Blackpool, UK in August 2007.

At the opening, scouts from Bøler and Kjelsås read the poem “There is still time”. Scouts from Ris talked about the patches they had made:

“I drew two people holding hands, and drew a heart between them. My hope is that people will like each other”, Arne Borgersen said. Karen Ingeborg Caspari had made a peace dove.

Scouts in uniform got free entrance to the Nobel Peace Center throughout the exhibition period.