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  1. Photo: Zakira / UNICEF Lebanon
  2. Photo: Zakira / UNICEF Lebanon
  3. Photo: Zakira / UNICEF Lebanon
  4. Photo: Zakira / UNICEF Lebanon
  5. Photo: Zakira / UNICEF Lebanon
  6. Photo: Zakira / UNICEF Lebanon

Syria is my only home

09 Mar 2016–05 Mar 2017

An exhibition about the life as a refugee seen through the eyes of children. 

Six years ago this spring, the war in Syria broke out. More than five million children have been forced to flee their homes due to the war in Syria. They have lost their homes, their family members and their friends. They have lost their safety. Most of them are refugees within their home country, but 2.4 million Syrian children are living outside Syrian borders. Many have fled across the the border to the small neighboring country Lebanon where they live in poor settlements, lacking almost everything they had before the war broke out.

In the exhibition Syria is my only home, children tell their own story about life in the shadow of war. The photos are taken by the children themselves and in short films they tell about their life in the tent camp and what they miss from their lives before the war.

I wish I could go back to Syria and learn all of the alphabet.

– Hiba (9)

The project came to life through a cooperation with UNICEF Lebanon and the Lebanese organization Zakira. At the end of 2013 they distributed 500 disposable cameras to syrian children in a camp in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. The photo project lasted for a year and resulted in a large amount of photos and 20 short films that were shown at an exhibition in Beirut last year. Many of the children were present during the opening. The project has also resulted in the creation of a wonderful photo book. The book is sold in our museum store and the income from the sales is donated to UNICEF.

The exhibition is shown in one of The Nobel Peace Center’s smaller exhibitions rooms, and will occasionally be closed on weekdays, because the room is used for educational purposes.

The exhibition is supported by NORAD.