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  1. Photo: Lynsey Addario / VII
  2. Photo: Tim Hetherington / Panos Pictures
  3. Photo: Anders Sømme Hammer
  4. Photo: Tim Hetherington / Panos Pictures
  5. Photo: Lynsey Addario / VII
  6. Photo: Lynsey Addario / VII
  7. Photo: Tim Hetherington / Panos Pictures
  8. Photo: Afghan children
  9. Photo: Anders Sømme Hammer
  10. Photo: Lynsey Addario / VII
  11. Photo: Afghan children

In Afghanistan

10 Feb 2012–02 Sept 2012

The exhibition IN AFGHANISTAN takes us into the lives of American soldiers stationed at a remote military outpost. It examines the ongoing challenges faced by Afghan women and tells the story of three brave girls from Kabul who wish to change the society they live in.

This is the first time that prize-winning photographers Tim Hetherington and Lynsey Addario have exhibited together.

The British war photographer Tim Hetherington’s photo series Infidel provides a rare portrait of masculinity, camaraderie and vulnerability among American infantry soldiers. For nine months in 2007 Hetherington lived side by side soldiers at a base in the remote Korengal valley. Tim Hetherington was killed during a grenade attack in Libya in April 2011.

The American photographer Lynsey Addario’s photo series Veiled Rebellion is an intimate and personal portrait of women’s lives in a patriarchal society. Addario has photographed women in Afghanistan for 11 years. Veiled Rebellion has never previously been featured in an exhibition.

Anders Sømme Hammer and Christoffer Næss work with three girls in Kabul who want to change their society. Using hand-held cameras, the girls document their lives in the Kabul Cards video documentaries. Hammer received the Freedom of Expression Foundation prize 2011 for his independent and critical coverage of the war in Afghanistan.

IN AFGHANISTAN shows different aspects of a country we have heard much about, without really knowing much. It concludes with the mini-exhibition Hope in the Nobel Peace Center’s educational room, where Afghan children have photographed what the word Hope means to them.

The exhibition kicked off with the grand free-for-all opening 24 hours in Afghanistan, from 6pm Friday 10 February to 6pm Saturday 11 February.

See films from the exhibition opening “24 hours in Afghanistan” on our YouTube-channel.

In Afghanistan is made in collaboration with the photo agencies Panos Pictures and VII Photo Agency. Infidel is exhibited courtesy of Foto8 gallery London and the Estate of Tim Hetherington.

Tim Hetherington’s short film Sleeping Soldiers (2009) is shown in the exhibition. You can also watch it here:

Watch exerpts of the Kabul Cards by Anders Sømme Hammer and Christoffer Næss in these two videos:

Harry Hardie, on behalf of Panos Pictures, curated the Hetherington’s and Addario’s photo series for the Nobel Peace Center exhibition. See him talk about the photographs in this video: