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  1. Photo: Afghan children
  2. Photo: Afghan children
  3. Photo: Afghan children
  4. Photo: Afghan children
  5. Photo: Afghan children
  6. Photo: Afghan children
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  8. Photo: Afghan children


10 Feb 2012–02 Sept 2012

Hope was an exhibition of photos taken by Afghan children. The children were asked to photograph subjects, which, to them, indicated hope.

All the photos were taken with disposable cameras. The subjects show no sign of aggression or hatred. There are no weapons either. They express joy and hope for a better future.

The photos are unique. The children chose the subjects themselves and were not influenced by adults.

The project was organised and carried out by Afghan women. The Red Cross and female workers in the Afghan Red Crescent Society gave out cameras to the children.

The photos were part of the exhibition In Afghanistan.
The photographic exhibition is a co-operative project between the St. Olav Festival, the Red Cross and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs “Refleks” project.