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  1. Photo: Marie Sjøvold
  2. Photo: Monica Larsen
  3. Photo: Hannah Modigh
  4. Photo: Pietro Masturzo
  5. Photo: Linn Schröder
  6. Photo: Jose Pedro Cortes
  7. Photo: Joao Grama
  8. Photo: Isabelle Wenzel
  9. Photo: Gabrielle Croppi
  10. Photo: Frederic Lezmi
  11. Photo: Davide Monteleone
  12. Photo: Catarina Botelho
  13. Photo: EPEA

European Identities

08 Mar 2013–15 Sept 2013

Is there a European identity? How does it enter into play? What separates us? What unites us?

Twelve young European photographers have been selected to take part in a photo project and an exhibition with the title European Identities organised by four major European foundations that together have set up the European Photo Exhibition Award (epea). This is the first photo project in the epea series.

The official opening of the exhibition takes place Thursday 7 March from 18.00 to 22.00. Free entry also 8 and 9 March.

The photographers have been given latitude to interpret identity in a European context, and  to find an approach for socially relevant topics.

All of the photographers are European and are still at the start of their careers as professional photographers. The photographs in the exhibition are expressions that lie in the border land between art photography and documentary.

Three Scandinavian photographers have been invited to take part in the project: Marie Sjøvold and Monica Larsen from Norway and Hannah Modigh from Sweden. In her photographic series Midnight Milk, Marie Sjøvold asks what happens to the identity and self-image of women when they have children. Monica Larsen’s photographic essay Closer in the Distance deals with you women from Lithuania who are seeking a better future in Finnmark, but who struggle to find their sense of belonging. In Hannah Modigh’s series Whispering Howls, she takes us back to her childhood home town in Sweden. She describes her early years between the ages of 12 and 15 when she was trying to find her identity in the transition between her life as a child into that of an adult.

The European Identities exhibition will also be showing photo series by photographers Catarina Botelho, José Pedro Cortes, Gabriele Croppi, João Grama, Frederic Lezmi, Pietro Masturzo, Davide Monteleone, Linn Schröder and Isabelle Wenzel. Last year the exhibition was on display in Hamburg, Paris and Lucca and will conclude its European tour here at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo.

A team of curators consisting of photographer Rune Eraker from Norway, sociologist and curator Sérgio Mah from Portugal, artistic director Enrico Stefanelli at the Lucca Photo Festival in Italy and director Ingo Taubhorn at Haus der Photographie in Deictorhallen in Hamburg, have followed the twelve selected photographers through the development of the various photo series and during joint workshops right up until the actual exhibition.

epea was established by the four European foundations Fritt Ord (Norway), Körber-Stiftung (Germany), Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca (Italy) and Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (Portugal).

You can read more about the European Photo Exhibition Award (epea) photo exhibition at:

The exhibition is a collaboration between the Nobel Peace Center and the Fritt Ord Foundation.