Climax - Nobel Peace Center

Nobel Peace Center


  1. Photo: Lars Gundersen
  2. Photo: Lars Gundersen
  3. Photo: Lars Gundersen
  4. Photo: Lars Gundersen
  5. Photo: Lars Gundersen


11 Dec 2007–27 Oct 2008

The aluminium sculpture Climax is made of recycled aluminium and was placed in the Entry Hall as the first thing to meet visitors to the Nobel Peace Center in connection with the Peace Prize being awarded Al Gore and the IPCC.

Artist Magne Furuholmen’s sculpture is a tottering house of cards on the verge of collapse, a symbol of the fragile balance of the world we live in. By re-using aluminium, the artist wanted to address the climate debate without making too big a carbon footprint himself.

«We are delighted that Magne Furuholmen wanted to create a sculpture that visualizes the work of the Nobel Peace Prize laureates», said Executive Director of the Nobel Peace Center, Bente Erichsen.
«The sculpture symbolizes that the nature and the environment are at a critical tipping point. The artist’s choice of using recycled material is a reminder of what needs to be done by each of us in recycling and stalling the world’s escalating consumption.»

«I think we are living in a time when there is a delicate balance, a time of major change», said Magne Furuholmen.
«I started working on the title, trying to find words that describe the situation we’re in and I came up with Climax, meaning ladder in Greek. Apart from its use as term in drama, and its erotic connotations, the word is also used rhetorically by Al Gore and ecologists to describe an ecosystem strained to the maximum.»

The versatile artist Magne Furuholmen was commissioned by Hydro to create a work of art to be displayed at the Nobel Peace Center in connection with the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. The only condition attached was that aluminium must be chosen as the material for the piece.

When unveiling the sculpture Al Gore and IPCC’s chairman Rajendra Pachauri each received a small deck of cards made of aluminium, as a commentary to the artwork itself. The deck of cards called “Climax Cardgame” has the whole of the Kyoto agreement engraved, and exists in 250 numbered copies, of which the Nobel laureates received the first two.

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