Children of Abraham - Nobel Peace Center

Nobel Peace Center


Children of Abraham

05 May 2006–19 May 2007

The Iranian Magnum photographer Abbas promoted dialogue about religion, peace and conflict in a thought provoking exhibition.

The words “religion” and “conflict” are often used side by side. It takes immense courage to choose dialogue as a strategy. Visitors were invited to reflect on these issues in the hope it will lead to greater understanding of three major world religions.
The Iranian Magnum photographer Abbas has spent three decades documenting the human search for God. In the extensive photo exhibit “Children of Abraham”, he presents his images from Christianity, Judaism and Islam to the world for the first time.

The holy texts of all the children of Abraham include references to war. But more importantly, they all also call for peace and tolerance. Through the images of Abbas, we enter this contrasting landscape, and embark on a photographic journey through faith, life and death.

Abbas is an Iranian transplanted in Paris. Since 1970, his major work has been widely published in world magazines, and includes coverage of wars and revolutions in Biafra, Bangladesh, Ulster, Vietnam, the Middle East, Iran, Chile, Cuba, and South Africa, with an essay on apartheid.

His strong commitment, critical sense and fearless approach have made him a central figure among international photographers. He has published several books with photographs and memoirs. Abbas has been a member of Magnum Photos since 1981.

This exhibition has been supported by the Freedom of Expression Foundation, Nordic World Heritage Foundation, and the Norwegian National Commission for UNESCO.