A Fistful of Dollars - Nobel Peace Center

Nobel Peace Center


  1. Photo: Linda Næsfeldt
  2. Photo: Linda Næsfeldt
  3. Photo: Sara Johannessen / Nobel Peace Center
  4. Photo: Sara Johannessen / Nobel Peace Center
  5. Photo: Ken Opprann / Det Norske Nobelinstitutt

A Fistful of Dollars

12 Dec 2006–21 Nov 2007

The 2006 Nobel Peace Prize laureate exhibition focused on the work of Muhammad Yunus and The Grameen Bank.

Photographer Linda Næsfeldt’s striking pictures presented a man and an institution that give poor people hope and a possibility to create a dignified life for themselves.

Muhammad Yunus had a simple idea: to give people small loans and economical counselling so that they can help themselves out of poverty. In 1976 he started by lending out money from his own pocket. As time went by, this arrangement was formalized into a trial project, and in 1983 he founded the Grameen Bank.

The Bank has shown that it is possible to run a bank for the poor with good results. From the start, they have lent out close to 6 billion USD (nearly 40 billion NOK), and to many people’s surprise, the repay rate is close to 99 per cent. Yunus says to Fortune Magazine: ” We have no guarantee, no references, no legal instrument, and still it works.”

Overview of our former Nobel Peace Prize laureate exhibitions:

2005  – Make Power, Not War
Mohamed ElBaradei considered the nuclear threat of today to be greater than ever before. IAEA controls over 900 facilities for nuclear power in 71 countries in order to prevent dissemination of nuclear weapons. At the same time, IAEA promotes civilian use of nuclear power and related technology. The exhibit highlighted this controversial double role.