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Nobel Peace Center

When the guns go silent

13 November 2017 19.00–22.00

52 years into a civil war that killed hundreds of thousands of people and made millions into refugees, Colombia’s president Juan Manuel Santos succeeded in bringing the warring parties together to negotiate for peace, for which he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize of 2016. FARC, the world’s oldest existing guerrilla, agreed to turn in their weapons and to cooperate with the government to fight a much more difficult battle: the battle for peace.

Renowned journalist and director Natalia Orozco has documented the peace process on film over several years. Her documentary When the Guns Go Silent offers unique insight into the processes that led to the signing of the historical agreement, and also deals with Norway’s role as a negotiator. But for the many bereaved, lasting peace is difficult to imagine if those guilty of horrendous war crimes are not indicted. 

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See the documentary and join director Natalia Orozco to a talk with Anne Heidi Kvalsøren, UDs special representative in Colombia, about the process and the possibilities for securing peace in Colombia. The talk is moderated by Liv Tørres, Director of the Nobel Peace Center.

Please note! The film viewing and the following talk takes place at Vika kino.

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The event is a collaboration between Films From the South and Nobel Peace Center. 

Natalia Orozco (b. 1975) is a journalist and filmmaker from Colombia. She has a Master’s Degree in Humanitarian Cooperation from the Sorbonne University in Paris, and has covered elections, wars and geopolitics for a number of international news media. Orozco has twice won the Simón Bolivar National Journalism Award for her work.

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