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The right to speak out

17 November 2016 08.00

A breakfast seminar about whistleblowing at work.

Notifying mistakes is crucial for a good working environment and a healthy corporate culture. To uncover crimes, corruption and other unacceptable behavior, it is important that workers can – and dare – to report unacceptable circumstances. Lately several cases have revealed that the protection of whistleblowers is inadequate in Norway. The “Monika case” in Bergen is an example.

The former police detective Robin Schaefer, who warned about insufficient investigation of the death of 8-year-old Monikas death, is attending the breakfast seminar with Kjetil Rekdal, head of the Norwegian Police Federation in Hordaland. This is a rare opportunity to hear Schaefer talk about his experience as a whistleblower, and its aftermath.

Lawyer Birthe Eriksen, who recently wrote her doctoral thesis about whistleblowing at work, is also attending.

The Working Environment Act about protection of whistleblowers should be strengthened and an amendment has been out for consultation this autumn. But does the Government’s proposed amendment improve protection for whistleblowers? And will strengthening the legislation be enough to ensure that employees dare to notify?

The breakfast seminar will include a panel discussion with Anniken Hauglie (H),Lise Christoffersen (A) Birthe Eriksen and Kjetil Rekdal.


Moderator: Trude Teige.

8:00 Attendance and breakfast

8:15 Status for whistleblowers in Norway today. Introduction by lawyer Birthe Eriksen, p.hd. Attorney DA.

8:30 The Monika case. Whistleblower Robin Schaefer and head of the Norwegian Police Federation Kjetil Rekdal.

9:00 Debate: Is the government’s proposed amendment enough to protect whistleblowers?

NB Registration at: registration@nobelpeacecenter.netThe seminar ends at. 9:45

The seminar ends at. 9:45

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