The Norwegian Dream - Nobel Peace Center

Nobel Peace Center

The Norwegian Dream

12 May 2016 18.00–19.00

In cooperation with Queer World and RadiOrakel, The Nobel Peace Center invites to a conversation about LGBT-refugees and their meeting with Norway.

Norway is considered one of the best countries in the world for LGBT-persons (lesbian, homosexual, bi, trans). If the asumpsion is correct, does that also apply to refugees and asylum seekers? In a conversation led by General Secretary Susanne Demou Øvergaard of Queer World, we give the microphone to people with personal experiences, plus representatives of the Norwegian Immagration Authorities and NGO’s. The conversation will be in English.

Before the conversation, we will listen to a radio documentary about six people who have applied for protection based on sexual orientation or identity.

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The event is part of the Nobel Peace Center’s debate programme, and has free entry.

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