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Nobel Peace Center

Photo: Syrian National Coalition

Syria: Peace vs. Justice

01 September 2016 18.00

Is it possible to create sustainable peace with Assad as part of the solution?

Photo exhibition, film and panel debate in collaboration with The Oslo Documentary Cinema and the National Coalition of Syria.

The war in Syria continues with endless sufferings for the population. Bashar al-Assad’s regime is committing terrible war crimes against their own people. Amnesty reports that more people die from torture in Syrian prisons than from IS attacks.

There is no option for the Syrian opposition to let Assad continue after a peace settlement. The country cannot heal and be rebuilt with a war criminal in charge, they argue.

Russia supports Assad and their condition for negotiation is that Assad stays as a part of the solution. United States and other countries are hesitant.

A possible peace settlement faces a huge dilemma: Is sustainable peace with Assad as part of the solution possible?

In the panel:
Nils A. Butenschøn, professor at Norwegian Centre for Human Rights
Kathrine Raadim, Head of international development in Norwegian People’s Aid
Mads Harlem, Head of Policy and International Law of the Norwegian Red Cross.
Hanan Albalkhe, representative of the National Coalition of Syria in Norway.
Moderator: Stig Arild Pettersen, «Du verden»!

Before the debate (from 16.00): A selection of The Caesar Photographs will exhibited in the entrance hall. The photos were smuggled out of Syria in 2013 by a defector from the Syrian military police, codenamed Caesar. His job was to take pictures of the people who died in prison. The pictures are a cruel testimony to the torture prisoners have been through. Powerful images!

Stephen Rapp, who served as Ambassador-at-Large heading the Office of Global Criminal Justice, will talk about the Caesar images and his effort to make the pictures evidence to punish those responsible.

After the debate ( 19:20): Screening of the movie “50 feet from Syria”.  Syrian-American surgeon Hisham Bisma takes leave of absence from his job in the US to travel to a hospital on the border between Turkey and Syria. Watch the trailer:

Rapp’s introduction and the film are in English, but the debate will be in Norwegian.

The event is free and open for everyone.

Please register on our Facebook event. 

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