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Nobel Peace Center

Photo: Oslo World

Oslo World Seminar

03 November 2017 17.00


This seminar is a tribute to pioneers and a call to attention to the responsibility of artists in an era of global populism.

The age of globalization and Internet promised to enhance the connection between people and cultures. However, as the transit of goods and information flows rapidly across borders, walls are ironically built to stop the mobility of human beings.

Trump, Farage, Le Pen and Putin are just few names that remind us that we are facing the Age of Global populism.

As an antidote, avant-garde art could be the weapon to fight populism. Art is not only capable of generating new discourses and integrating new ideas, it can also generate empathy and reveal complex dynamics of human psychology.

Three icons of this power of art are undoubtedly Rossy De Palma, Yasmine Hamdan and Tumi aka. Stogie T, who through their artistic production have revealed complex dynamics of identity, sexuality and gender construction, which has undoubtedly generated an anti-discourse that has triggered social and cultural transformations.

the PANEL:

The seminar is organised in collaboration with Oslo World.

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