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No Women No Peace

08 March 2018 16.00

On Women’s Participation in Peace Processes and Peacebuilding


To mark the International Women’s Day 2018, we explore how the Peace Agreement in Colombia has impacted the lives of Colombian women and look at how the experiences from Colombia can be employed in other countries in conflict.

After decades of armed conflict and more than eight million victims, the Government of Colombia and the FARC entered into a peace agreement in 2016, which gave Colombians hope for a better and more peaceful future. Women played a key role in the peace process and the peace agreement has a historically strong gender focus.

  • What is the situation for women in Colombia today?
  • What can we learn from the Colombian process?
  • How can women in conflict rebuild their trust in uniformed actors?
  • How can we strengthen women’s participation in peacebuilding efforts?

Panelists include:

July Samira Fajardo (FOKUS Colombia), Laura Mitchell (NOREF), Hanna Helene Syse (Norwegian Minstry of Defence) and Bård Ludvig Thorheim (Political advisor, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)..

The event is free and open for everyone. Please register on Facebook!

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