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Nobel Peace Center

Let’s talk about freedom

28 October 2015 17.00–19.00

A seminar that is part of the Oslo World Music Festival.

Part 1

Children are the hope of the future. But what happens to the children and youth fleeing from war zones? Who are they and how is their life? The voices of children and youth are often missing in the news from conflict areas. Does the media and policy makers tend to overlook the children? What importance have the voices of children and youth, how and why is it important to listen to them? What does it take to affect people when the general public has lost the interest in the war? What impact can art and culture have, both as a dehumanizing tool and as a mobilizing power in areas of conflict?

The seminar’s first part take a look at the way young people’s perspective can affect a common understanding of the war in Syria.

Maria Korkunc – journalist and initiator of Zaatarieyes.com
Pål T. Jørgensen – TV 2 journalist
Martin Whatson – Street artist
Gabriel Del Grande – documentarist and filmmaker

Screening of short movie from Zaatarieyes project. Performance by Hello Psychaleppo.

Part 2

The foremost dream of many of the artists who visits the Oslo World Music Festival every year is to be able to experience peace, practice their art free of persecution and intimidation, sing their opinion without being censored.

The second part of the seminar will raise the subject on risks associated with the practice of freedom of expression in the arts. How important is the principle for artists that come from areas where human rights cannot be taken for granted. What needs to be sacrificed and what will it take to be able to have the freedom of expression?

Mohamed G. Beshir [aka Gemyhood], Egyptian blogger, writer and cartoonist
Samer Saim Aldhr (Hello Psychaleppo), Syrian artist
Moderator is Daniel Brown, Freemuse

The seminar is a collaboration between Oslo World Music Festival, the Nobel Peace Center, the Norwegian Refugee Council, Zaatarieyes.com, Amnesty International and Freemuse.

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