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Is the popular voice killing Democracy?

09 March 2017 18.00–19.00

This weeks Thursday debate meeting is about our democracy. 

The political debate in Europe and USA is characterised by a number of “alternative truths” that challenge our democracy. The people distrust the elite. Politicians distrust their own legislators. Both people and politicians distrust the traditional media. Fake news have become more important when shaping opinions, than factual knowledge.

What happens to democracy in this landscape? Our representative democracy rests on each citizen’s ability to obtain independent information and make up their own minds, to better choose who we want to represent us.

Without the trust between people and institutions supporting our governments – and without access to independent, fact-based information – democracy is set to endure difficult living conditions. How can we as citizens deal with this and what responsibility do we have?

To discuss this topic, we have invited, among others, Kaia Storvik, deputy of Tankesmien Agenda,  Eirik Løkke, advisor in the think tank Civita, and Marika Lüders, associate professor in the Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo.

Moderator: Inger Merete Hobbelstad, Dagbladet

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