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Photo: Knut Bry, Lesvos

"Fortress Europe" and refugees

23 March 2017 18.00–19.00

In March, last year, the EU made a deal with Turkey to limit the number of refugees coming to Europe. Now, a year later, it has become clear that, in many ways, they have achieved their goal. Far less asylum seekers have come, especially across the Mediterranean to Greece. Yet, it has also become clear that the human cost is unimaginably vast.

In collaboration with Amnesty and Doctors without Borders we welcome you to a debate on Thursday 23 March at 18:00.

Tens of thousands of refugees are “stranded” in Greece. Millions are located in Turkey, while tens of thousands are in Italy. Meanwhile, the number of refugees coming from the North, through Libya, is increasing. Today, the EU is also negotiating with Libya, and a handful of African countries, on agreements on border control.

Sebastian Stein, from Doctors without Borders, was the Project Coordinator on one of the rescue boats in the Mediterranean, and he has also worked in the field in Syria and Iraq. Stein will commence the debate with the impact of these agreements on people who are fleeing to Europe.

In the panel debate after, we will discuss Norway’s role and responsibility. How is our political situation at home being affected by these EU deals? How much should it be affected? And what independent responsibility does Norway now have for refugees, who are waiting along the EU’s external borders?

This debate will take place in Norwegian. Free entry.

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