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Photo: Natalio Cosoy

Forgiveness and reconciliation in Colombia

06 June 2017 18.00

Bertha Lucia Fries is one of the millions of victims of the civil war in Colomibia. But she is also a part of the peace process. Hear her story about how she went from hatred to forgiveness. 

On February 7th 2003, Bertha Lucia Fries was at the private social club El Nogal in Bogotá. That evening, she went from being a successful, international consultant to a victim of the 52 year long civil war in Colombia. 36 people were killed in the terrorist attack, performed by FARC. Bertha was among the 150 who were injured. It took her eight years to recover from her physical damages, and then, she realized there was more to repair: The hatred. She started a dialogue with FARC, and in May she met four FARC members for a reconciliation meeting. In September, a reconciliation ceremony will take place in Bogotá.

Invited by the Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue and the Norwegian embassy in Colombia, Bertha Lucia is visiting Norway. Tuesday 6 June she will tell her story at the Nobel Peace Center in conversation with Alfredo Zamudio, director of the Nansen Center.

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