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Photo: May-Tone Eikum/ Nobel Peace Center

Dynamite of the Day: Boko Haram

23 April 2015 18.00–19.00

What is it about Boko Haram?

Morten Bøås, senior researcher at NUPI
Kyrre Lind, Head of Programmes Doctors without borders
Gina Lende, PhD History of Religion.
Moderator Peter Markovski, Deputy managing editor – Aftenposten


We ask the questions:
Who is Boko Haram, and how could they become so powerful? What happens when the authorities can’t protect the civilian population? Why do they kidnap school children, and especially girls? What can happen now, after the election? And finally, can this conflict be resolved?

Dagens dynamitt (Dynamite of the Day) is the name of our new weekly debate-series. We invite relevant guests to fiery talks every Thursday at 1800 at Alfred, our café.

Alfred, the café, serves the soup of the day every Thursday and is open until 20.30.
The debate will be held in norwegian.

More information to come.

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