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  1. Photo: NATO
  2. Photo: The Norwegian Atlantic Committee

Dynamite of the Day: Norway and NATO

17 September 2015 18.00

How is Norway perceived within the NATO Alliance? Is Norway currently a producer or a consumer of Allied security? And what about Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg – has he been able to influence the organization?

In April, the Expert Commission on Norwegian Security and Defence Policy, stated that the security challenges Norway is faced with, are too complex to handle alone. We are dependent on allied support and a strong NATO. However, this also requires Norwegian commitments, both at the political, economic and operational level.

To talk about these issues we have someone who rarely keeps his opinions too himself – and who is well respected for it. The self-proclaimed “Norgesvenn” with exceptional insight in the life in Brussels, Professor Julian Lindley-French, will be Christian Borch’s guest at the next “Sikkerhetspolitisk dypdykk” – this time with an international twist.

The Norwegian Atlantic Committee and the Nobel Peace Center collaborate on this event, and it is part of the twp debate series, Sikkerhetspolitisk dypdykk and Dynamite of the Day.

Dynamite of the Day is a weekly debate night where guests are invited to fiery conversations every Thursday at 18.00 at Alfred, the Nobel Peace Center’s café. The café serves the soup of the day, and is open for service until 20.00.


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