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  1. Photo: Miss Bolivia (AR). Photo: Oslo World Music Festival
  2. Photo: Maxida Märak (SE). Photo: Oslo World Music Festival

Dynamite of the Day: Devilish Damsels – women in music

29 October 2015 18.00

For many artists, music is a struggle for freedom. In many places in the world, the women’s struggle for artistic freedom, is simultaneously a fight for women’s rights. This is a forgotten perspective when speaking of affirmative action and gender balance in the music industry.

Therefore, we ask the questions: What is the social, economic and practical challenges facing female musicians, producers and managers in the international playing field? How do these mechanisms differ in different national contexts? What similarities and trends do we see? And how do these challenges affect the music being created, for better or worse?

Paula Rivera (AR) – manager, arts producer
Miss Bolivia (AR) – artist, activist
Åsa Hamneståhl (SE) – producer, Swedish Embassy in Mexico
Birgitte Mandelid (NO) – marketing executive and booking, Øya festival
Anne Hilde Neset (NO) – artistic director, Ny Musikk, contributing editor The Wire Magazine
Maxida Märak (SE) – artist, activist

Commissioned work, curated for the seminar, created by Ferdigsnakka.
Moderator: Kristin Danielsen, Director Deichmanske Library

The seminar is directly followed by a free concert with Maxida Märak (SE).

NB: Limited seatings. RSVP to info@osloworld.no

The seminar is part of is organized in collaboration with the Nobel Peace Center, Ferdigsnakka & Riddu Riððu Festival.

Dynamite of the Day is a weekly debate night where guests are invited to fiery conversations every Thursday at 18.00 at Alfred, the Nobel Peace Center’s café. The café serves the soup of the day, and is open for service until 20.00.

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