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  1. Photo: Bruk Hue
  2. Photo: Johannes Granseth/ Nobel Peace Center

Cyber bullying: what does it take?

25 September 2014 18.00–19.30

How can cyber bullying be stopped? Join the discussion on #hvaskaltil (what does it take) and visit the Nobel Peace Center Thursday 25 September at 18.00 for the debate on cyber bullying and online identity. The debate is open to all, and is arranged in collaboration with the anti-bullying campaign “Bruk hue” (Use your head).

Click to watch the debate live online.

The debate will explore questions like which kind of mechanisms that lies behind cyber bullying, how the constant chase after “likes” effect our identity, and what can we do about it?

Robert Aschberg, journalist and TV presenter for “Trolljegerne” on TV3
Bodil Jenssen Houg, Ombud for bullying in Buskerud County
Tove Flack, researcher at the University of Stavanger
Berit Svendsen, Executive Vice President and Head of Telenor Norway
Annsofi Pettersen, artist

Sarah Sørheim, Cultural editor in Aftenposten

Musical performance by Annsofi Pettersen.

The debate rounds of the campaigns day of action, which included activities in and around Oslo.

The event is supported by Telenor, in collaboration with the Red Cross, the Norwegian Media authority, Kids and Media.

The event will be in Norwegian.
Free entrance, open for everyone.
The doors opens at 5.30 pm.

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