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Big brother is watching you - so what?

23 February 2017 18.00

Edward Snowden’s revelations have launched a major international debate about mass surveillance. Both in the US and in the rest of the world, surveillance of the population has intensified as part of the fight against terrorism.

In Norway, a series of measures providing authorities with greater powers to intervene in our privacy have been proposed and adopted.

But how much freedom must we surrender to become safe? And what consequences does increased mass surveillance have for freedom of expression and democracy? Where is really the line between legitimate state interventions and human rights violations?

In collaboration with Amnesty, we welcome you to a panel discussion on surveillance and human rights on Thursday, February 23 at 18:00.

Joshua Franco, investigator for technology and human rights, at Amnesty International, will initiate the event (in English).

The panel:
Inger Marie Sunde, a Professor at the Police Academy and Member of the Parliamentary Scrutiny of the Secret Services (EOS Committee).

Ina Lindahl Nyrud, Media Law Attorney, Norwegian Union of Journalists.

Jostein Hole Kobbeltvedt, Managing Director, at Rafto Foundation.
The moderator is Gerald Kador Folkvord, political advisor to Amnesty.

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The debate takes place in Norwegian. The program lasts approximately 1½ hours. It will be possible to buy drinks before the debate. Welcome!



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