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Photo: Facsimile from the Twitter account @BeDemocracy

Be Democracy on Twitter

26 May 2014 10.00 -  23 November 2014 23.00

The exhibition Be Democracy explores how social media are changing society and challenging power. As an extension of the exhibition we invite guest editors to use their voice on Twitter @BeDemocracy throughout the exhibition period.

Can social media lead to more democracy? What cause are you willing to fight for? What happens when ordinary people replace journalists? When is it acceptable for the authorities to keep us under surveillance? These are only a few of the questions we ask in the exhibition.

Every week from 26 May through out the exhibition period the Twitter account has had a new curator. Who used their voice and what did they say? Check out Be Democracy on Twitter! Read about the guest editors below:

Language is very powerful. Language does not just describe reality. Language creates the reality it describes.” – Desmond Tutu, 1984 Nobel Peace Prize


Previous curators:

Week 22 (26.5–2.6) The Norwegian Press Association
Week 23 (2–8.6) Amnesty International Norway 
Week 24 (9–15.6) The Oslo Center 
Week 25 (16–22.6) Aral Balkan
Week 26 (23–29.6) Bård Nylund, LLH & Line Halvorsrud, Queer Youth
Week 27 (30.6–6.7) Aili Keskitalo, President Sami Parliament
Week 28 (7–13.7) Warsan Ismail (@somalieren)
Week 29 (14–20.7) Eliot Higgins (@Brown_Moses)
Week 30 (21–27.7) Ylva Helene Schwenke
Week 31 (28.7–3.8) Faris Yakob
Week 32 (4–10.8) Bente Kalsnes
Week 33 (11–17.8) Institute for social research
Week 34 (18–24.8) Save the Children Norway
Week 35 (25–31.8)  Raymond Johansen
Week 36 (1–7.9)  Øyvind Solstad
Week 37 (8–14.9)  Einar Otto Stangvik
Week 38 (14–21.9) Kristin Solberg
Week 39 (22–28.9) Kors på Halsen (Cross the neck)
Week 40 (29.9–5.10) Anna Ek
Week 41 (6–12.10) Kristian Berg Harpviken (PRIO)
Week 42 (13–19.10) Knut Olav Åmås
Week 43 (20–26.10) Ancilla Tilia
Week 44 (27.10–2.11) Nobel Women’s Initiative
Week 45 (3–9.11) Ingvild Moen (@plosiv)
Week 46 (10–16.11) Aslak Borgersrud


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