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What’s the Russians' real opinion of Putin?

15 March 2018 18.00

On March 18th, Russia is going to the polls and Vladimir Putin is expeced to start his fourth term as president. The approval rate of the man who has been President and Prime Minister in Russia since 1999, has not fallen below 80 per cent since March 2014. But how much can we rely on the polls? In fact- is there any news coverage in Russia that is not just Fake News and Propaganda?

Pavel Andreev runs a major «media-social» platform in North-Western Russia, where Russian activists, journalists, youth and ordinary people have an opportunity to express their own opinion and get independent news. Just days before the election, he’s coming to the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo. Together with Lene Wetteland, head of the Russia Department in the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, he will talk about what Russians really think about Putin, and where and how they freely share these thoughts. Moderator: Stig Arild Pettersen. 

The event is free and open for everyone. The conversation will be in English.

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