Funding - Nobel Peace Center

Nobel Peace Center


  1. Photo: Sara Johannessen / Nobel Peace Center


The Nobel Peace Center is funded by grants from the Ministry of Culture, donations from sponsors and admission fees. The government grants amount to half of the total budget. Today, the Nobel Peace Center’s main sponsors and partners are HydroTelenor Group and ABB.

Alfred Nobel’s will made no provision for funding the Nobel Peace Center, nor does the Nobel Foundation in Sweden provide any financial support.

After the Storting (Norwegian parliament) decided in December 2000 to establish the Nobel Peace Center in the old Vestbanehallen railway station, Statsbygg (the Norwegian Directorate of Public Construction and Property) invested in the conversion of the listed station building. A total of NOK 85 million was raised from private sponsors, including KPMG International, Hydro, Telenor, DnB NOR and the foundation Leif Höeghs stiftelse. NOK 65 million of the NOK 85 million raised was spent on content and installations prior to the Center’s official opening in June 2005. The remaining NOK 20 million was spent on further developing the Center during its first years in operation.