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Congratulations to the Nobel Peace Prize laureates 2018

05.10.2018 Av: Liv Tørres

Photo: Johannes Granseth / Nobel Peace Center

Photo: Johannes Granseth / Nobel Peace Center

The 2018 Nobel Peace Prize goes to Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad. Well-deserved and important. The Nobel Prizes have often been criticized for overlooking women and women’s issues. But with this Nobel Peace Prize, the Nobel Committee puts the spotlight on one of the key issues for both women’s issues and peace.

Har vi fortsatt en drøm?

28.08.2018 Av: Liv Tørres

Photo: Nobel Foundation

Photo: Nobel Foundation

«Jeg har en drøm», var den gjennomgående tonen i Dr. Martin Luther King jr.s mest berømte tale. I dag er det 55 år siden han holdt den talen. Og selv om mange vil tenke at talen først og fremst var et historisk retorisk mesterstykke, er talen vel så relevant i dag. Om ikke mer. Og da er det ikke først og fremst på grunn av retorikken. Eller det betimelige fokuset på rasisme og diskriminering, og at rasisme fortsatt er utbredt i dag. Heller ikke fordi det i år er 50 år siden fredsprisvinneren fra 1964 ble drept!

Roger Waters and Vera Lynn

22.08.2018 Av: Liv Tørres

“I’m just a simple rock ‘n roller,” he says, after talking about Palestine, the U.S., Syria and the state of the world. We’re at the Nobel Peace Center, in what is fair to call an intimate gathering, with the music-, singer- and composer-legend Roger Waters. He doesn´t do these things often, but here we are, discussing politics with a rock ‘n roller.

Roger Waters and Liv Tørres at the Nobel Peace Center 13 August 2018. (Photo: Johannes Granseth / Nobel Peace Center)

Roger Waters and Liv Tørres at the Nobel Peace Center 13 August 2018. (Photo: Johannes Granseth / Nobel Peace Center)

in memory-Kofi Annan

19.08.2018 Av: Liv Tørres

Photo: Nobel Peace Center

Photo: Nobel Peace Center

“We need better leaders and better leadership” said Kofi Annan when he last visited us. This was during my first days in my position at the Nobel Peace Center and I was star struck. Yet, Annan quickly made me feel at ease with his soft-spoken style, cool manner and natural unpretentiousness. This was not his first visit. In fact, Annan had previously popped by both announced and unannounced. It is said that the first time he came by, he just walked by with his wife, Nane, and asked at the entry whether there were special ticket prices for Nobel Peace Prize laureates.

The Legacy of Madiba

18.07.2018 Av: Liv Tørres

Photo: the Nobel Foundation

Photo: The Nobel Foundation

Born in a small village located on the banks of the Mbashe River, South Africa. Today, 100 years later, his birth is celebrated around the world. Nelson Mandela became a legend, a Messiah for millions of people. Humble, yet principled. Stubborn, yet eager to listen. A leader, but still a man of the people. In the northern hemisphere, Mandela is often seen as a man of forgiveness, as he spoke of reconciliation with whites after apartheid. In the southern hemisphere, however, he is seen as a representative of the African values of pride, humanism, democracy, and leadership.